Oscarchips news

23 Apr 2018

Collection casino chips

Ceramic chips of our production are the subject of hunting for collectors. Chips casino Altai Palace and Victoria in one of the largest collections in the world of Vitaly Safronov.
28 Mar 2018

New foto of ceramic poker chips

The portfolio of works was replenished with new photos of ceramic chips. Unique chips for Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic.
15 Dec 2017

New Year chips

New Year ceramic poker chips. You can decorate the Christmas tree or used as a keychain
5 Sep 2017

New ceramic chips Academy

Series chips added a new design Academy. Possible design changes on order: changes colors, new denominations, other sizes and shapes. Optionally, you can remove or add text or a logo.
10 Aug 2017

Plaque 68x48 mm

Started production rectangular ceramic plaque, size 68х48 mm. As usual, full-color printing of any image.
1 Aug 2017

New version of the site

Launched new version of website in Russian and English languages. A new series of chips. New sizes and shapes. As usual, quality consistently at the highest level. Ceramic chips became more accessible

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