Details about ceramic chips

For the first time, ceramic chips appeared in the mid-1980s and became widespread at once all over the world. The manufacturing process consists of a number of cycles using machines and mechanisms, but the most part is manual work. Therefore, our experts know what the customer wants, control the quality and strive for excellence.


О керамических фишках

In the production of the chip base, we use a special composite material. The structure of the chip is even and smooth, with no hidden metal weighting material. The density of the ceramic composite is approximately 2.3 g / cc, which corresponds to the density of classical ceramic products. As a result, the chip is more than twice as heavy than plastic, and hense: a true ceramic sound and an equidistributed weight.

Shape and texture

О керамических фишках

The shape, size and weight of the chips conform to classical standards and can be used with all kinds of gaming equipment and accessories.

  • Diameter 39 mm, thickness 3,3 mm, weight 10 g, smooth or textured surface
  • Diameter 43 mm, thickness 3,3 mm, weight 12 g, smooth surface
  • Diameter 49 mm, thickness 5 mm, weight 35 g, smooth surface
  • Octagon 44 mm, thickness 3,3 mm, weight 12 g, smooth surface
  • Plaque 48х68 mm, thickness 5 mm, weight 40 g, smooth surface
  • Plaque 53х84 mm, thickness 3,3 mm, weight 40 g, smooth surface

The texture of the ceramic chip depends on the cliché on which the blanks are cast. The surface of our chips is smooth or textured. On request, a new cliché manufacture is available, including the image embossing to the chip.

Print images

О керамических фишках

To create unique ceramic chips we do not use stickers or inserts. Only direct printing, similar to a decal, over the entire chip surface, which includes the chip edge. Using the most modern equipment and high-quality paints, the chips get the clearest images. There are no restrictions on the creation of layouts that may contain complex gradients, very fine lines or fine images.

The applied images can not be separated from the chip base, they remain for a long time. Surface is resistant to abrasion and most acids, organic solvents, alcohol. If necessary, all the chips are easily washable with water and cleaning products.

Counterfeit protection

The main degree of protection of ceramic chips is a complex and unique design. Other manufacturers will not be able to reproduce color schemes or accurately duplicate complex design elements.

For additional verification of chips, a number of options are available that will help provide additional protection against forgery:

  • Assign of a serial number to each chip.
  • Individual non-standard chips cliché with an embossed image.
  • Special marks, visible only under a UV lights

Request form

We will answer any questions about ceramic chips. We'll make a detailed calculation of the production of chips with an individual design or standard series. Our designers will help to perfect any layout for the best possible result.